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PREGERM greensprout system

Continental Dynamic Mesh Inc. is the exclusive Canadian and North-American dealer/distributor for the unique and revolutionary European green-sprouting system PREGERM. The system was designed to offer growers all of the advantages of pre-sprouting potato seed while requiring a fraction of the effort usually involved with a chitting program.

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Quick, Uniform start: On average, the plants emerge 10 - 14 days earlier above soil with uniform size and vitality.
Uniform emergence: Very important in deterring Rhizoctonia, all plants are equally advanced and vigorous thereby providing a natural resistance to early stage viral and bacterial infections.
Seed Cutting: Risk of disease contamination due to seed cutting is greatly reduced through quick and efficient wound healing . The PREGERM* sprouting system minimizes and fortifies the healing process.
Early Market: In most markets, the highest premiums are paid for early potatoes.
Increased growing: Vigorous but slow developing varieties such as Agria (G.B.) are able to reach full yield potential due to the accelerated and robust early stage growth advantage of PREGERM*.
Environmentally aware: Green sprouting is considered standard procedure for organic potato farming, allowing the new plants to use their early emergence advantage to hamper weed growth activity and reach full yield potential in advance of detrimental conditions such as Phytophtora & Rhizoctonia.
Minimize risk of bacterial disease: Seed potatoes are vulnerable to disease infection during late spring preparation handling.   Through air circulation and light, the PREGERM* sprouting system gently encourages sprout growth with minimum seed disturbance and stress.   Early season disease detection (June) promotes clean (bacteria free) second-generation seed crop.
Maximize yield: Late maturing varieties may be harvested earlier having achieved full yield potential.
Higher quality: Advantages of an early harvest include:
  • less bruise (due to higher temperatures during harvest)
  • less harvest damage (due to increased harvest window options)
  • less soil damage (due to increased harvest window options)
Labour management: Harvesting activities may be initiated earlier with green-sprouted portion of crop while remaining crop continues to bulk up.

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